Parisian Skincare Secrets with Darphin

Parisian Skincare Secrets With Darphin

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There is something so appealing about the effortlessness of the French. Parisian style, beauty and skin care is often brushed off nonchalantly as natural and attainable yet so much effort goes on behind the scenes to create such an impression. Their minimalist chic style and radiant beauty is often hailed as serious inspiration by many throughout the fashion and beauty worlds. However, it is so much more than throwing on a breton shirt or riding that vintage bicycle! 

To help us bring a little Parisian living to the UK, Darphin have been creating pampering and indulgent oils, serums and creams since 1958. Formed from potent yet natural botanicals harvested at their peak, their aromatic formulas are the perfect balance between pleasure and performance and hold the secret to that effortlessly chic glow that francophiles encapsulate. I was eager to achieve the seemingly unattainable and at the core of this is my forever-ongoing battle with my sensitive, oily and acne prone skin.


 Parisian Skincare Secrets With Darphin

The Products

Disclaimer: Please note the products featured have been received by me complimentary of Darphin as part of the #PreenMeVIP program however all views stated are genuine and my own.  Please note effects will vary across each individual  – these are simply my own experiences with these products. 

Having incorporated these products into my skin care regime over recent weeks, I feel I’ve discovered not only a few must-haves but I’ve also overcome my aversion to using oils on my already oily canvas. It’s always been something I’ve avoided. It made sense that applying oil-based formulas to oily skin would be detrimental to my complexion. But I was wrong. Very wrong. I now understand that finding quality and calming ingredients is key to giving my skin a good balance between hydration and clarity. 


Aromatic Cleansing Balm with Rosewood

This was the product I was most excited to try. As a regular double-cleanse advocate, a cleansing balm is always in my regime no matter what. I use this nightly following a micellar water.

This cleanser boasts a super indulgent consistency which when applied to wet skin transforms to a light milky emulsion. It cleans away makeup residues or impurities missed by my micellar water and leaves skin feeling bright and radiant.

I use a muslin cloth soaked in hot water to remove it which I find relaxing. It’s the perfect antecedent to bedtime thanks to the intoxicating scent from the essential oil combination. The Rosewood and Ylang Ylang softens, Marula nourishes whilst the Sage purifies and softens skin. My skin feels brighter and soft but without that tight sensation that can accompany some more stringent cleansing balms. A keeper in my skin care regime. 

Parisian Skincare Secrets With Darphin


Hydraskin Intensive Moisturising Serum

This was an interesting one for me. Ive never used a moisturising serum before mainly due to my super oily skin. I was intrigued to see if a serum as opposed to a cream would be less irritating.

Key botanical ingredients of pomegranate to aid water circulation, Urea to assist water binding to skin cells and Polyquaternium, known for its ability to retain moisture and protect the skin surface, form an intensely hydrating experience. There’s also Conongrass and Elm root extracts too. 

The consistency is wonderfully light and application was not heavy, oily or thick. The clear serum left my skin feeling clean with no residue or stickiness. However, for my skin, this did cause me to have a small break out yet this was minimal. Due to the intensely hydrating ingredient list, this would be ideal for someone with normal or combination skin. Those with acne may want to try something lighter such as the Hydraskin Light Gel Creme.

Parisian Skincare Secrets With Darphin

Parisian Skincare Secrets With Darphin


Hydraskin Light Gel Cream

One of my most surprising reactions. I love this moisturiser! Theres a sentence I never thought Id say. As I’ve said already, moisturisers frighten me. Until receiving this beautifully packaged set of products, I’d seldom used a regular moisturiser of late. Of course, many of the products I do use have moisturising elements however this for me has become a regular in my daily regime. The super light, almost water based gel cream provides the perfect amount of hydration for my difficult skin. Geared towards normal or combination skin, the ingredients work tirelessly to maintain hydration without blocking pores, giving a more luminous complexion. Stuffed full of Conongrass rich in potassium to calm and protect skin, Kiwi to fight free-radicals and revitalise and Mamaku packed with regenerative qualities.

A super light fragrance means its kind to my sensitive skin and it feels so light and gentle when applied. Plus, a little goes a long way so this pot will last you. A great investment.


Parisian Skincare Secrets With Darphin

Parisian Skincare Secrets With Darphin


Chamomile Aromatic Care

To say I was nervous when I came to apply this oil to my skin is an understatement! I lay in bed with a coating of oil covering my face fighting the urge to wipe it all off. Vivid nightmares of acne-covered faces haunted me which as you can imagine, was accompanied by a not-so-great nights sleep.  I awoke the following morning with a few very small under-the-surface bumps, however my skin was smooth and supple.

The following night I tried again. This time I relaxed a little more. I enjoyed the sensuous elixir of chamomile, sandalwood, sage and lavender that emerged whilst massaging the oil into my face and neck. It smelt divine, like what I imagine a traditional Parisian perfumery to smell like. I began to relax some more and before I knew it I was waking to the sound of my alarm.

I felt refreshed, my skin looked calm. The redness of recent acne scars on my right cheek were reduced and there were no new breakouts. The combination of these essential oils claims to decongest and calm irritable skin and it did just that. Another little gem that otherwise I would have missed out on due to my irrational oil-phobia. I often apply this following a face mask and use 2-3 times weekly. 

Parisian Skincare Secrets With Darphin


Revitalising Oil for Face, Body and Hair

This oil is divine.

A three-in-one oil to nourish and revitalise. 9 precious plant oils including Jojoba, Evening Primrose and Sweet Almond among others are carefully blended with 4 essential oils and 2 aromatic extracts. I’ve smothered my arms and legs with this and there’s no residue, no oiliness and my skin is left with a beautiful yet delicate sweet scent. It provides a wonderful glow but not in a shimmery way and leaves skin feeling soft and touchable.

 I’ve also applied this to the bleached ends of my hair and it works like a dream. It’s not heavy and doesn’t transfer as its so easily absorbed. 

This will be a summertime must have for me and due to its multiple-use and size, a handbag must have!

Parisian Skincare Secrets With Darphin



Final Thoughts

I’m so pleasantly surprised by this beautiful group of products. There is probably only one that I won’t use again (the Hydraskin serum) yet that’s more a reflection of my skin type than the actual product itself. The beautiful Parisian scents of carefully selected essential oils makes using these products such a pleasurable experience. Im transported to a chic mindset reminiscent of my interpretation of Parisian life. That fact that these products perform beyond my expectations is also very exciting. Packaged in beautifully crafted frosted glass which accentuates the beauty of any dressing table, catching the light wonderfully. Certainly an experience for all the senses and a fantastic introduction to a renowned Parisian brand that I intend to return to in the future. Thank you Darphin and PreenMe for this opportunity.

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Parisian Skincare Secrets With Darphin

Parisian Skincare Secrets With Darphin