Fields of (Rose) Gold: Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Brushes

Whilst Christmas feels like a distant memory and we embark on a seasonal change towards Spring, only now am I getting around to making the most of and experiment with some of my much-loved Christmas gifts!

Zoeva had a moment last year and between their sought after eyeshadow pallets and their wonderful, handcrafted brush range, the Rose Golden Luxury Set Vol 2, caught my eye. 

To say I’ve become a little obsessed with rose gold recently is an understatement. I am, currently pink obsessed so anything shiny with a hint of pink is on my wish list. Yes, I maybe showing magpie-like tendencies but who cares. It’s so pretty!

So you can imagine how excited I was to get this beautiful brush set and clutch case for Christmas. In fact, my love for them maybe a little excessive (surely not! haha) as I’ve been obsessed with keeping these beauties brand-spanking new! But, despite their shiny allure, use them I have and I’m gobsmacked at the difference these make to make-up application. I’ve never been one for beauty tools particularly….aside the basics, I’ve always used my fingers. But….EVERYTHING. HAS. CHANGED. 

Possibly my favourite is 104/Buffer – this chunky monkey is fabulous for not only foundation and creamy blush but also for contour cream application and blending. The super soft bristles feel incredible against my skin and it disperses the product really evenly so I avoid the tell-tale lines of a darker cream contour.

Second place is 317/Wing Liner although I use this for my brows as I love the very fine thin strokes of product it leaves, giving me a fuller brow with an oh-so natural finish.


In the spirit of keeping these babies clean I hit the jackpot when I purchased my very first brush cleaner from bareMinerals at Selfridges. The Quick Change cleaner is fast, quick drying, effective and it smells divine.

The brushes are of course available singularly so if you’re a Zoeva virgin and want to test the waters first this is a more budget-friendly way to do it. Otherwise, get it there. They’re sure to be a firm beauty fav!