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“As human beings, empowerment is one of the greatest gifts we can impart on each other” 

Welcome to BoudiccaReigns and thanks for stopping by…

Boudicca: a warrior queen of a British celtic tribe who led an uprising against the Roman Empire. She first came to my attention after a frantic New Years sale spree in Selfridges, London (circa 2004). That bitter and rainy January day heralded my first designer purchase: a black t-shirt with the word ADDICTION in beautiful white typography printed across the chest by an edgy, dark brand named Boudicca.

Intrigued by the name, I dug around for background information.I discovered a fascinating history of a heroine fighting for freedom and independence.  My t-shirt became a wardrobe staple.

Heroism is an intriguing concept; I often notice social convention dictating that we require to be saved. Yet, why outsource this responsibility when we are so capable of doing it ourselves?  This underpins the vision behind BoudiccaReigns. Boudicca’s determination and strength to empower herself and others, reigns within us all should we choose to harness it. Like any skill learnt, it takes practice and patience to master.

So, here I am,  being as authentic as I can in a 100% solo effort. I am photographer, editor,  web designer, consumer, writer, stylist and adventurer. I don’t profess to be expert in any of these. I’m just doing something I love and hoping to share some of the enjoyment with others.

“Finding happiness in imagery” 

……I guess Im a bit of a mixed bundle. My passion for fashion took me to London where I spent a decade in the fashion buying industry. My desire for something deeper manifested itself through a First Class (HONS) degree in Psychology and several years in the Mental Health sector. Over the years, the flow of creative juices required an outlet for which photography has fitted the bill, yet I wasnt quite satisfied.

In January 2017, BoudiccaReigns was born.

BoudiccaReigns has been built to empower not only myself but to lift others up too.

Within these pages I hope to build a selection of thoughtfully written and shot fashion editorials, clean eating recipes, lifestyle flatlay’s, product reviews, picturesque nature shots of Wales and inspiring mindfulness/positive psychology tips to help guide us all to a more fulfilling 2017.

“It’s not the destination, but the journey”

So come along and join me on my journey into the new year. This is just as much a new adventure to me as it is for you exploring the world of BoudiccaReigns. 





All opinions discussed on BoudiccaReigns are my own (Carys Griffiths) and are provided for information and reviewing purposes. There is no intent to offend any individuals or brands: I am simply providing my opinion and how particular products have worked for me. Everyone is different and therefore results will vary. 

All opinions are based on honesty and reliability that I aim to instil in my reviews: I am in no way provided with incentives or monetary gains to speak positively regarding a product. 


I use affiliate link services within BoudiccaReigns (ShopStyle Collective) to earn an incredibly small commission on product sales or accessed links just like many of my peers. Such links do not cost the buyer  – all commission is taken from the retailer.

Image Ownership and Credit

Images used on this site are my own and therefore are the property of the blog. They are used to provide an additional reader experience. If you are using any images from my site please credit and link back to this webpage. Image creation is a time consuming process therefore any images used on this site that are not my property will be credit appropriately. 


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